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Hey Hallmark, What About Halloween?

Each year as the Countdown to Christmas begins earlier and earlier, Halloween often gets overlooked. The only Hallmark movie that I can think of that embraces Halloween is October Kiss, where homemade costumes are crafted, Halloween decorations go up, and trick-or-treating happens. Although Hallmark is overlooking Halloween in favor of launching the 10th Anniversary of… Continue reading Hey Hallmark, What About Halloween?

Seasonal Checklist

Fall Harvest Checklist

Hallmark might cut two movies from its Fall Harvest premiere list and start its Countdown to Christmas before Halloween even happens, but on the actual calendar. . . it’s officially autumn. And in the spirit of changing leaves and snuggling sweaters, I am sharing my Hallmark-inspired Fall Harvest To-Do List so that you, too, can… Continue reading Fall Harvest Checklist