Returning to (Romance in) Real Life

As I slowly emerge into a (semi-)vaccinated world, I am beginning to travel again, attend concerts, and engage with family and friends in Real Life. However, whether I am in lockdown during a pandemic or living my life more freely in a post-pandemic world, my love of romantic dramas remains as strong as ever. And… Continue reading Returning to (Romance in) Real Life

Hallmark Publishing

Which Was Better? A Podcast Interview

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been reading a lot lately. And when I say a lot, I mean almost 30 books since the new year began.  What can I say? I spent last year blowing through all of Netflix and all of the Hallmark Channel, so it was time to go back and… Continue reading Which Was Better? A Podcast Interview


Cooking in Quarantine

Hallmark is notorious for movies spotlighting cooking. There are movies featuring BBQ competitions, kid chef competitions, competing bakeries, romances between chefs, food truck romances, restaurant owner romances . . . you name it (and it involves cooking), there’s probably a Hallmark movie about it. I, however, have avoided writing about cooking in every way shape… Continue reading Cooking in Quarantine


Salvaging Summer One Hallmark Moment at a Time

Prior to the global pandemic, I had imagined a summer of stories about my Hallmark in Real Life adventures. I had planned for it to start with a trip to Guatemala, akin to Hallmark’s Pearl in Paradise, and then add a chapter to my first Mistletoe Inn story when I attended the writers conference in… Continue reading Salvaging Summer One Hallmark Moment at a Time


It’s Christmas in July! Celebrating a Year of Writing

Can it really be almost one year since I started this blog? Gosh the time has flown by. But now that Hallmark’s Christmas in July is upon us, it’s a wonderful excuse to reflect upon the year and share some of the stories that started it all. It seems like serendipity that the Hallmark Channel… Continue reading It’s Christmas in July! Celebrating a Year of Writing


Black Lives Matter

I apologize for not posting recently on my blog…but it’s been a conscious choice. I haven’t posted in order to make even more room on the proverbial stage for the protests happening throughout our country in response to the killing of George Floyd and many other black Americans before him. A lighthearted post about Hallmark… Continue reading Black Lives Matter


Creating Hallmark Moments in Quarantine  

During this time when my normal routine is shattered and life looks borderline unrecognizable, I am finding myself getting back to basics. Conversations with friends and family are deliberate and delightful. Check-ins are both substantive and silly. Getting outside for exercise is not intense or competitive, but solely for the purpose of fresh air and… Continue reading Creating Hallmark Moments in Quarantine  


Book Review of Her Purrfect Match by Robyn Neeley

I must begin by admitting that the book I’m about to describe is not a book from Hallmark Publishing…but it 100% should be. Her Purrfect Match reads like the purrfect Hallmark movie, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it might just make its way to becoming one someday. Regardless, it’s a very fun read.… Continue reading Book Review of Her Purrfect Match by Robyn Neeley


#CareEnough… the Third Card

If you’ve been following along, my last two posts chronicled the story of who received the first (see post here) and second (see post here) cards in my Hallmark #CareEnough package. I foresee sending many more cards during quarantine, but the third and final card went to one of my ride-or-die girlfriends. Of all the… Continue reading #CareEnough… the Third Card


#CareEnough Campaign…the Second Card

While I am in a “time out” from my typically overscheduled life, one thing I am making time for is to connect with important people in my life. In my last post (see previous post here) you learned the story behind my first Hallmark #CareEnough card. The second card I sent was also filled with… Continue reading #CareEnough Campaign…the Second Card