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Christmas in July has Begun!


In celebration of Hallmark’s Christmas in July movies, starting Friday, July 12, 2019, not only have I launched my first blog, but I’m taking requests from my fellow Hallmark fans: what favorite Hallmark Movie moments would you like me to try to live out in real life? What adorable small towns—preferably ones that are picture-perfect at Christmastime—should I visit? What Hallmark-esque adventures are you most interested in seeing explored in real life? (Pretty sure I feel a ranch-themed vacation in my future…. Come on, who doesn’t love Valentine Ever After?)

No matter what moment you choose, I am the woman for the job. Hallmark movies typically star one of three types of women: 1) a successful, career-minded woman, 2) a woman searching for her place in the world, or 3) a woman on the rebound. I am 100% the successful, career-minded woman. In fact, it’s partly why I’ve undertaken this little passion project.

In Hallmark movies, the female protagonist usually leaves the big city to ensure her happy ending. I’m not going to quite fulfill that storyline, because I love living in NYC! However, I also love my adventures away from the city and am in need of some adventure these days. I’ve been working way too much. This fun project is completely disconnected from my 9-to-5 job, which usually begins before 9 and never ends at 5. My hope is that my Hallmark adventures will take me out of my normal routine and force me to look at the world around me with fresh eyes.

Ultimately, I don’t want to live a fictional life so much as I’d like to mix up my real life a little—chart my own roadmap to joy, utilizing some Hallmark staples. I cannot script my life to look like the movies, but I can take the key ingredients, put myself into some Hallmark-esque environments, and see what happens. Game on!


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    1. Thanks for reading, Ryan! We are kindred spirits for sure. Please share any fun ideas that you have for me to explore Hallmark movie themes in real life. Next week’s post will be about about the Mistletoe Inn 🙂

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