Why Can’t Life be like a Hallmark Movie?


Real life is not a Hallmark movie. However, what if all the elements are there? What if I take the raw ingredients of a Hallmark movie and see what fun mixtures real life will concoct?

In this blog I will take a Hallmark Movie Journey, collecting favorite components of these classic films and seeing how they play out in real life. I hope my fellow Hallmark movie fans will come along on this journey and see what unfolds.

Why am I qualified to take this Hallmark Movie Journey?

Because two completely unrelated people independently gifted me the Hallmark Socks. You know the ones I mean: the ones that read, “if you can read this I’m watching Hallmark Christmas Movies.” My love of Hallmark movies is so pervasive, multiple people will message me when the Countdown to Christmas begins.

And I get it. You’re a fan too, and are thinking, “I have those socks!” or “My friends do the exact same thing to me.” To your shared enthusiasm, I say . . . great! You are the exact person I want coming along on this journey. Because let’s face it: to anyone who is not obsessed with the Hallmark Channel, this experiment will appear ridiculous.

It’s also quite possible that this little experiment will result in all-out failure; however, the ability to share it with other Hallmark fans who are at least rooting for my happy ending makes the risk worthwhile. I can’t promise a Hallmark-worthy ending, because I don’t know where this journey is going to take me, but I can confidently share that I’m going to do my very best to recreate real-life versions of Hallmark movies and see what happens. Let the adventure begin!

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