The Stores that Make up our Real-Life Communities

When I picture myself in the center of a Hallmark movie, I can clearly see myself stopping by the Cookie Jar (Murder She Baked) for a pastry, grabbing a mocha at the coffee shop in Winter Love Story, or picking up a light-bulb at the hardware store from All of My Heart. What do all… Continue reading The Stores that Make up our Real-Life Communities


Bad Date Chronicles…in Real Life

Although I am currently confined to my New York City apartment basically 23 out of 24 hours a day, courtesy of the coronavirus, I have not run out of ideas for living out Hallmark movie moments in Real Life. (At least not yet!) Of course, it’s a bit more difficult since I can’t actually go… Continue reading Bad Date Chronicles…in Real Life


A Golden Moment

Our world is changing rapidly as the COVID-19 pandemic escalates, and well laid plans are being altered each day. One of the most significant “changed plans” is the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The fact that seven years of planning has been put aside for the good of society further highlights how truly… Continue reading A Golden Moment


Real Life is Stranger Than Fiction

I imagine your Real Life is stranger than fiction right now, living in the time of the Coronavirus. I’ll do my best to return to regularly scheduled Hallmark In Real Life programming in the coming weeks (as I think we will all need the respite from our new sheltered realities), but before I do, I… Continue reading Real Life is Stranger Than Fiction

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I Won My Second Blogger Award

I’m humbled to share that I was nominated for my second Blogger Recognition Award by Sally Silverscreen from the blog 18 Cinema Lane. I think it’s wonderful that the blogosphere is so supportive and offers this virtual recognition as a way to give each other internet high-fives and introduce readers to new blogs. Sally writes… Continue reading I Won My Second Blogger Award

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Book Review of A Simple Wedding by Leigh Duncan

While Country Hearts by Cindi Madsen introduced readers to the wonderful town of Haven Lake (see previous post here), Hallmark Publishing’s newest title, A Simple Wedding by Leigh Duncan, being released on March 10, 2020, welcomes readers into the community of Heart’s Landing where brides come to enjoy their perfect wedding. An hour outside historic… Continue reading Book Review of A Simple Wedding by Leigh Duncan


London Calling

In Real Life, my boss has been knighted by the Queen of England, but I have never met royalty…only knights and lords. Despite what Hallmark movies portray, when you travel to European countries (real ones, not make-believe ones like Calpurnia from Hallmark’s A Royal Winter), princes do not magically bump into you while sightseeing. But… Continue reading London Calling

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A Real Life Love Story

In celebration of Hallmark’s month of Love Ever After programming, I would like to share one of the most beautiful Real Life love stories that I know. Because when people say “life is not like a Hallmark movie” or any movie for that matter, I think to myself, They don’t know Sarita and Andrew. (The… Continue reading A Real Life Love Story

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Valentine for One… in Real Life

On last week’s hot chocolate adventure, I enjoyed the company of a friend (see previous post here), but Real Life doesn’t always work out so neatly. When I signed up for a wine and cheese tasting class, I knowingly did so with the idea that I’d be celebrating Hallmark’s Love Ever After lineup. I didn’t,… Continue reading Valentine for One… in Real Life


I Won the Liebster Award!

It’s award season and the Oscars are almost upon us, so it seems appropriate to share that this past fall, I was nominated for the Liebster Award, a blogger-to-blogger award that enables bloggers to recognize and support one another. I am honored to receive this recognition not only from a fellow blogger, but a fellow… Continue reading I Won the Liebster Award!