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I Won My Second Blogger Award

blogger-recognition-award-2-1I’m humbled to share that I was nominated for my second Blogger Recognition Award by Sally Silverscreen from the blog 18 Cinema Lane. I think it’s wonderful that the blogosphere is so supportive and offers this virtual recognition as a way to give each other internet high-fives and introduce readers to new blogs. Sally writes about a range of movies and is a true fan of cinema, but like me, she is also a Hallmark fan. You can check out Sally’s blog here. Thank you, Sally, for this recognition. As a new blogger on the scene, this recognition is deeply appreciated.

As with all blogger awards, there are some rules that apply:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Place the award banner somewhere on your blog
  3. Share the story or history behind the creation of your blog.
  4. Provide two or more pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  5. Nominate 10 other bloggers and link their blogs.
  6. Share the exciting news with your nominees

Why did I start Hallmark In Real Life?

Shonda Rhimes had a Year of Yes, Julie Powell spent a year cooking all of Julia Child’s recipes, and Robyn Okrant spent a year living by the advice of Oprah Winfrey . . . so why can’t I have a year of Hallmark?

I am a textbook Hallmark leading lady, but one who is still at the beginning of the movie: a suit-wearing, career-driven city girl with two degrees. About a year and a half ago, I moved into a new role at my job and became consumed by work. I stopped engaging in activities I love, like running, traveling, and spending time with friends. The one respite I allowed myself during the job transition was to attend a writer’s conference. While there, I stepped away from work for a few days and invested time in another activity that I’m passionate about: writing. (My experience at the writer’s conference is captured in one of my first blog posts: The Mistletoe Inn… in Real Life.

I’ve joked with friends for years about the idea of starting a “Hallmark In Real Life” blog, where I would take elements from favorite films and try to play them out in real life. After attending the conference, I finally found the motivation and courage to try this experiment and put myself, and my writing, out into the world. I know real life is not a Hallmark movie, but all the ingredients are there: The ability to look for the positive and to invest in joy-filled activities, community, friendships, adventure, and love is in all of us. So I’m all-in on this Hallmark In Real Life journey, and anyone interested is welcome to come along.

What are two pieces of advice for new bloggers?

  1. Set (Achievable) Goals
    As a new blogger, I found it helpful to set goals to give me focus. I committed to one post a week (every Monday) for a year. This post is number 37 on my road to 52 posts. I am certainly not limiting myself to just one year, but to get started, I needed to create a manageable framework to allow writing to become a priority in my life and hold me accountable.
  2. Be Authentic
    If you love to write and share your thoughts and ideas with others, dive in and join the wonderful world of blogging. But remember that you and you alone can offer your unique perspective, so be yourself and use your voice as a source of good in the world.

What other Hallmark blogs do I read and wish to bestow this nomination on?

Congratulations to everyone for the impact you have on the Blogosphere!

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