It’s Christmas in July! Celebrating a Year of Writing

Can it really be almost one year since I started this blog? Gosh the time has flown by. But now that Hallmark’s Christmas in July is upon us, it’s a wonderful excuse to reflect upon the year and share some of the stories that started it all.

It seems like serendipity that the Hallmark Channel is kicking off its Christmas-themed movie lineup with the Mistletoe Inn (Schedule here), because that’s the first Hallmark in Real Life adventure I shared on this blog.

The Mistletoe Inn… in Real Life (Read post here)

The Mistletoe Inn… in Real Life continued (Read post here)

However, those were not my first posts; I shared my opening message, the inspiration behind the blog, with readers on July 8 one year ago. As that date approaches again, I am filled with gratitude for the joy that the year’s journey has brought me and the ways in which my writing and my identity as a writer have evolved. Here are just a few:

  • Somewhat miraculously (but also with a lot of hard work), I went from writing sporadically and with no focus to crafting a message for this blog nearly every single week. While my record isn’t perfect, it’s fairly close, and barring a global pandemic, I don’t think I would have missed a week.
  • In addition to launching the blog, I joined a writing group in New York City. It has been incredibly fulfilling to become an active member of a community of writers—offering feedback on people’s stories and receiving feedback on my own.
  • I even participated in my first public reading at a bar on the Lower East Side, where I read an excerpt from my memoir-in-progress. The experience both terrified and exhilarated me, but that lets me know I am doing the right thing.  Stretching out of my comfort zone should feel exactly like this.
  • In March I traveled to Guatemala to attend my very first writer’s retreat, to focus on learning, writing, and being in a community of writers. It was very disappointing to have to travel back home a mere 24 hours after arriving, but it would have been unwise to ignore news of the increasing global pandemic. I hope to be able to return for the full experience sometime in the future.

As you can see it’s been a busy year. I welcome the new adventures ahead and am renewing my commitment to this writing journey. Thank you for all of your support, and I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me, wherever it may lead.

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