#CareEnough Campaign…the Second Card


While I am in a “time out” from my typically overscheduled life, one thing I am making time for is to connect with important people in my life. In my last post (see previous post here) you learned the story behind my first Hallmark #CareEnough card. The second card I sent was also filled with love, but not a condolence. It was a playful card with a colorful unicorn and the words, “I Believe in You and Unicorns” on the front. Inside it continued “…But Especially You.” There was only one person this card felt appropriate for.

I am blessed with many amazing friendships, but this particular one started in the most unexpected way. I was in my second job out of college, working for my alma mater, and was seated in a lecture hall waiting to address a group of incoming freshman during their orientation. While sitting there, an exuberant young woman bounded into the aisle, took the seat next to me, and with a large smile proclaimed, “It’s orientation! Awesome. Don’t you just love it here?” To which I smiled back at her and replied that it was in fact awesome here, but I wasn’t a student. She asked me what I did, and after I explained that I was the alumni officer for the college, she told me that she needed a work-study position and asked if she could work for me. I hired her on the spot.

Fast forward 20 years, and we have progressed well beyond the employer-employee relationship. We’ve explored the Pacific Northwest together, had a stint as roommates, moved from Boston to NYC (her first, then me), changed jobs, lost love, found love, had a wedding (hers; I was a bridesmaid), birthed children (hers again), and more. And although she sometimes still thinks of me as a mentor, especially when we discuss career advice, what she doesn’t always realize is that I consider her one, too. In fact, since quarantine began, she has made me her project. Knowing that I am living alone, she has checked in on me every day to make sure I am okay, keep my spirits up, and remind me that I am not alone in the world.

So sending her a unicorn card symbolizing her uniqueness in the world and letting her know that I love her, am grateful for our friendship, and appreciate her continual outreach while the world is lopsided, seemed like the exact right thing to do.

Who did you send your second card to in your #CareEnough package?

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