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Let It Snow…The Feast of Saint Thomas In Real Life

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Let It Snow, starring Candace Cameron Bure as Stephanie Beck, is a staple from the 2013 Hallmark movie vault and is widely shown during the Countdown to Christmas. Maybe, like me, you watched it a few times this holiday season.

For those who haven’t yet watched Let It Snow, here’s a quick summary: The movie begins with Falcon Resorts, owned by Stephanie’s father (played by Alan Thicke), having acquired the family-owned Snow Valley Lodge. Stephanie is sent to review the property and transform it into a modern resort that will attract a hip, young crowd. The Snow Valley Lodge, owned by the Lewis family, is steeped in Christmas traditions—something that Stephanie, who spent her childhood moving from one Falcon Resort to the next, knows little about. Despite her lack of experience and initial resistance, she becomes charmed by Christmas traditions, the lodge, and the family that owns it, especially Brady Lewis, played by Jesse Hutch.

During Stephanie’s stay, Brady’s mom Karla, played by Gabrielle Rose, introduces Stephanie to the Austrian tradition of the Feast of Saint Thomas, handing her a set of instructions and explaining that, “if she follows these instructions perfectly, she will dream of the man she is destined to marry.”  Of course when Stephanie follows these instructions that evening, she dreams of none other than Brady Lewis.

The instruction Stephanie followed are:

  1. Step on a stool and get into bed
  2. Next stand on your bed and take off your shoes
  3. Then spin around three times and throw your shoes, toes first, at the door
  4. Finally sleep with your feet on the pillow at the head of the bed

As a single woman on a quest to live out elements of Hallmark movies in Real Life, I had to investigate to see if this tradition was a real thing. Guess what? It is!

According to Catholic Culture, there is an Austrian legend that outlines a variation of the instructions above and claims that if you take these steps, you will have visions of your future husband while you sleep. Of course, I had to try it.

Although the Feast of Saint Thomas is now celebrated on July 3, traditionally it was celebrated on December 21, which is the night I choice to test it out and the night I believed it was done in the movie (given that it was Christmastime).

On the evening of December 21 after a fun night out with a group of girlfriends, I came home, pulled a stepladder next to my (very normal height) bed, and laughed at myself as I used it to “climb up” and stand on top of my bed.  In Real Life I don’t need a ladder to climb into my bed, but since I’m 5’3’’, I generally need a stepladder for anything that involves items on high shelves.

Likewise, although I wear slippers in my home, I don’t usually wear them while standing on top of my bed covers! This time, though, I did, so that I could follow step number two and remove my slippers while standing on top of my bed. I then spun around three times and got so dizzy I reached for the top of the ladder to brace myself so that I didn’t tumble off the bed and onto the floor. Once I steadied myself from dizziness (and laughter), I threw my slippers, toes first, at my door, pulled down the covers, turned off the lights, and laid down with my feet where my pillow usually was and my head where my feet usually were.

I can report that in Real Life…I dreamed of nothing. Absolutely nothing. I slept great, but I had zero dreams or visions of a future husband.

This either means:

A. it worked and I will never marry; or

B. it didn’t work at all.

I’m not discouraged. I had a great laugh, and the best part of the whole experience was how well I slept. I have a memory foam mattress, and after a few years, the mattress creates an indent to conform to the body lying in it. Rotating the position of my body made me feel like I was sleeping in a whole new bed! I’m not sure about a wedding anytime soon, but the moral of this Hallmark in Real Life experience is that I’m going to rotate my mattress ASAP.

If you want to try this Hallmark moment at home—the Austrian tradition, not rotating your mattress!—mark your calendar for July 3rd (the date the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Thomas) or October 6th (the date the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates). And be sure to let me know how it turns out!

In the meantime, wishing you a Happy New Year and lots of fun Real-Life adventures in 2020!

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  1. We don’t always remember our dreams, but we do dream, recalling them sometimes only when triggered. You did dream; just didn’t remember it. Perhaps when you meet your future husband, the dream will become more vivid!

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