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Deck the Hallmark… In Real Life


Dear Hallmark Fans,

Have you listened to the Deck the Hallmark podcast yet? In Real Life, I’m OBSESSED!

If you’ve not yet had the listening pleasure, I’ll break it down for you: It’s three grown men from South Carolina analyzing Hallmark movies. Bran loves Hallmark movies, Panda likes Hallmark movies, and Dan despises Hallmark movies. It is genius.

These three guys make me laugh out loud as I ride the subway, stand in line at my local bodega, and generally wander the streets of Manhattan. I’ll admit I am a bit self-conscious about listening during my daily commute to work or while traveling on airplanes. Given that I am prone to outbursts of laughter and profuse smiling, I feel like everyone must be able to hear what I’m listening to, too. But when I remove my earbuds to double check, it is clear that no one is hearing the southern voices but me. While I suppress my giggles on the shuttle bus between my office sites, it’s these three guys’ voices that are coming through, loud and clear, but it’s safe to say that while at work, my Hallmark obsession is Christmas Under Wraps.

In real life, I spread the word about Deck the Hallmark like an evangelist because not only is it hysterical, it’s genuinely joyful. I cheered when Dan, the one who despises the films, reluctantly shared that he liked Snow Bride, which also happens to be one of my favorites. Secretly, I knew there had to be at least one film out there that could win him over. Dan is the voice of reason, and I adore his analysis because he points out some of the more absurd points in these lovable movies. I don’t always agree with him, because I’m more like Bran and love them all, but the balance of having Dan on the show to offer a dose of reality is brilliant.

And now, in real life, I am going to eat a Kringle, because, as a fan of Deck the Hallmark, I need to know what they taste like.


Hallmark in Real Life

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  1. I love these guys, too. I’m doing a re-listen as I walk on our local walking trail in the mornings, and I’m glad that I’m usually alone, because I’m laughing and smiling as I listen. I fall in between Bran and Panda on the Hallmark movie-loving spectrum, but find myself agreeing with Dan more often than I care to admit. I support them on Patreon because the podcast makes me happy, but the patron-only Facebook page is a bonus delight.

    Oh, and Kringles are delicious! One more thing that I can thank the guys for.

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